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MelRich Farm is a twenty-acre property located just outside of Louisville, Kentucky, and within the boundaries of Jefferson County. The serene, partially wooded acreage is bordered on the south side by Floydís Fork Creek. We purchased the property in 1988 with the short term goal of developing it into a suitable residence for ourselves and our first two horses, a Tennessee Walker and an Arabian cross. Our long-term goal is to develop our place into a viable Morgan Horse enterprise. As our home state of Kentucky is known for its beautiful horses, horse-loving population and horse-friendly terrain, we felt that it would be an ideal setting for a Morgan Horse farm. Although not as numerous in Kentucky as Arabians, Thoroughbreds, or Quarter Horses, the Morgan breed has a very definite presence in the state.

MelRich Farm began as a plot of undeveloped, somewhat neglected land, which had been subdivided from a cattle farm. We were initially attracted to the property because of its varying landscape of pastures, woods, hills and a small pond. Although the acreage had only one rough building and was enclosed with wood rail and wire fencing, we could both envision its potential. We purchased a mobile home as a temporary residence and moved it to our property immediately so we could live on the farm while concentrating on making improvements. We replaced fencing, remodeled the barn and built a run-in shed and an outdoor training arena. We built our dream home in 1997. This contemporary structure, which blends in very nicely with the environment, had long been visualized by Richard and finally designed on paper by Melindaís architect brother.

We both knew, before buying our farm, that we wanted to be involved with horses in some capacity, but were undecided about our breed focus. We both owned horses, which we trail rode and boarded at a local stable. For quite some time we had admired Morgan Horses for their intelligence, disposition, temperament, versatility, historical significance, and of course, for their unparalleled beauty. One day, while observing the daily Parade of Breeds at the Kentucky Horse Park, we were both quite taken with a graceful, gorgeous seal brown Morgan Horse. Simultaneously we decided "thatís our breed!" Subsequently, in 1989, at the Justin Morgan 200th birthday celebration at the Kentucky Horse Park, we were introduced to two wonderful representatives of the Morgan breed: Maxiís Halftime Brave (Thunder) and Burr Oak April Love.

Melinda was thrilled to sit on a Morgan for the first time when she had her picture taken on April. After much research and several visits to area Morgan farms, we purchased our first Morgan Horse in March of 1989. Syndicat Executive, a beautiful chestnut gelding with Old Government bloodlines, immediately bonded with Melinda and became her personal riding horse and close friend.

The MelRich Farm Morgan family currently consists of three lovely broodmares, RLY Kamela (Kammy), Espeís Amika Kulega (Mickey), and RRMF Double Delight (Button); a gorgeous young black stallion, Melrich Gusty Winds (Gus); two yearling fillies, Melrich Simply Divine (Kelly) and Melrich Afternoon T (Ally); and our gelding, Syndicat Executive (Hardy). We also have two "honorary Morgans": Brandy, our Arabian cross mare, and Diablo ("Uncle Babs"), a big Appaloosa gelding who belongs to Melindaís best friend, Lois. Other members of our farm family include Freedom, a frisky young Golden Retriever; Morgan, a very lovable Border Collie mix; and six indoor/outdoor working cats (Shelby, Hansel, Jolie, Rosie, Rick and Jefferson).

MelRich Farmís focus is breeding, with some emphasis on showing for marketing purposes (and fun!). We like a more traditional, typey Morgan whose appearance says, without question, "Iím a Morgan Horse!" Our plan is to concentrate on the Brunk/Old Government cross which we feel produces the ideal, multi-purpose Morgan Horse. We especially like the Beamington, Flyhawk and Upwey Ben Don bloodlines.